About Peter

Peter SnowPeter Snow (Published name: P.L. Snow) was born in 1950. Before becoming a teacher of English and Drama in the Rudolf Steiner School of Edinburgh, he worked as an office clerk, a bartender, a warehouse worker, a goatherd (in Corsica) and a psychiatric nurse.

He is married to the poet Malisa Garlieb, and is co-parent to her son Keenan. He also has two grown-up children.

He is the author of A Rosslyn Treasury and The Shifty Lad published by Floris Books.

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He has translated, among other things, Everybody Present from the Danish of Didde Flor Rotne and Nikolaj Flor Rotne for Parallax Books USA, and he has recently completed a translation from the French and adaptation for the stage of Les Choristes, by Christophe Barratier and Philippe Lopes-Curval.

His poetry has appeared in several English and Scottish literary magazines. He is also a storyteller, and has taught storytelling as a classroom art in Edinburgh, London, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. He has also performed as a storyteller in various venues in the UK, USA and Europe, in all sorts of places, from tea shops to open fields.