April first 2013

Posted by in Blog on Apr 1, 2013

I’ve resigned from Facebook. It’s true that from time to time people put up posts that are fun, life-enhancing and so forth. And you hear from people that have dropped out of your daily life for various reasons. That’s all nice. What I don’t like are the bits of sentimental religiosity, complete with kitschy pictures of angels spreading rainbow-coloured wings over South Sea islands, or whatever; atheistic rants, usually based on ignorance and misunderstandings; groups that call themselves ‘I Fucking Love…’ (Science, Atheism), and so forth; cutesy pictures of animals, often with little anthropomorphic additions (woolly hats etc.); all political stuff, regardless of tendency – especially that kind of stuff from abroad, where I can’t do anything about it, even if I wanted to: well, you get the picture.

But in fact, I do generally like people, and like hearing from them. I think there’s a facebook effect on some people that makes them feel they have to communicate in a certain manner on certain topics. Maybe we should think of it as a sort of catharsis dump, where people can rant, or put up kitschy angels or pussy cats in bikinis, or whatever, and get it out of their systems. The trouble is, then we get it into our systems.