Posted by in Poems on Aug 11, 2013

I am a zoo, and all my untamed animals

roam free among the fountains and kiosks.


They paw and pad through the litter

left by the casual visitors. The big cats

are on the roofs of the café and administration block;


their tongues flick pinkly out of their lips.

Their eyes, shoulders, haunches, limbs

full of nothing but fierce purpose. They watch


with latent fury, waiting to rend and tear.

The stag stands looking haughtily over the heads

of the crowd. The monkey leaps and fawns,


searching visitors’ hands and pockets

for crumbs. He grins and chatters

angrily when refused, while the giraffe looks down


in bewilderment. All my bright birds shriek in scorn

at the lurid colours of visitors’ clothes,

their toys, lollipops, cameras.


At night, when the visitors have all gone,

my animals come back to me

with angry questions.