The Death of Tristan

Posted by in Storytelling on Dec 5, 2011

Iseult of the White Hands saw the ship carrying Iseult the wife of King Mark of Cornwall to Tristan, in Brittany. Tristan knew that if the ship bore a black sail, Iseult of Cornwall was mot coming. If, on the other hand, it showed a white sail, Iseult was on board and hastening to his side. Triatan asked Iseult of the White Hands what colour the sail was, and ahe replied, “The sail is black.”

Tristan turned his face to the wall, and died in grief and despair. When Iseult of Cornwall stepped ashore, the first thing she heard was the funeral bell tolling for Tristan. The drawing was done in chalk on a school blackboard, like Tales Round The Fire.