What Is An Angel?

Posted by in Blog on Dec 15, 2014

For this you need to use your experience and your imagination.


First, you know that during the course of 24 hours, your consciousness goes through many changes. There is dreamless sleep, dreaming sleep, REM sleep, and so on. And when we’re awake, we experience different levels of consciousness. There is probably a time of day when you feel most alert, a time when you feel more reflective, and so on.


Now, imagine being at your most alert and conscious all the time, but in a world where there is no sensory input like anything you know. Instead, imagine being in a world predominantly composed of light and love; love for the beings that you might call lower than yourself, and a reverent love for beings, so to speak, higher than you, though in such a world, hierarchies such as we are familiar with do not exist. But within this world of love and light, imagine that there is a special love, a deep connection with one human being in particular. This is as close as I can get to an understanding of what we mean by an angel, a being of constant, loving, light-filled consciousness, a more intense consciousness than we can properly imagine.


Now imagine another being, also in a world of light and love, but with a particular regard not just for one individual human being, but whole groups, as it might be nations, or more specifically, groups united by a spiritual impulse. Here, the consciousness is even more intense, even more universal. Some of the more exalted of these are intimately connected with the seasons of the year, and even of periods of time. Such a being is as close as I can get to an understanding of the archangel.


Imagine now a being even more exalted, but whose consciousness is so universal that it contains all of time. These would be beings belonging to the realm of the archai. Higher than this my consciousness cannot reach, but I believe that there are others beyond these, that they all are involved in a cosmic evolution through eons and eons of time.